Local roots, national experience

I was born in Gloucester Royal Hospital, and I grew up in Tibberton just outside Gloucester. I’ve spent my whole career fighting for social and environmental justice, and I am currently the CEO of the UK’s leading campaigning organisation for banking and financial reform, Positive Money. My roots are local, but my experience in winning campaigns is national – I want to see a Labour MP returned again in Gloucester, our community needs Labour in power – and I have the experience to make that happen.

I’m the candidate to beat Tory Richard Graham

We need a candidate who is strong on the economy to challenge the Tory MP. As a civil society leader on economics, banking, and finance, I have the skills and credibility to beat Richard Graham. I have won debates against senior economic and political figures, such as going head-to-head on Newsnight with austerity advocate Prof Roggoff. The Tories won’t want to face me as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester – because I will challenge them and their failed economic agenda at every turn.  

Gloucester needs a Labour government

Tory cuts are being felt across the city, local people are concerned about the NHS, or the fact that the Tory county council has gone ahead with plans for the new incinerator without listening to people’s concerns, or the alarming inequality across Gloucester’s schools. Tory cuts are destroying the NHS, and we desperately need a Labour government to save our NHS, now. In Gloucester, the A&E unit is stretched to breaking point and with Cheltenham’s A&E looking set to close this will only make things worse. As a Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester I will work to raise the profile of Gloucester’s A&E crisis, and fight to save the NHS from privatisation.

14 years campaigning record - the experience to deliver for Gloucester in Westminster

I’ve fought and won a range of campaigns from rent controls, to getting the Bank of England to be transparent about our monetary system. I know how to get things done in Westminster. Through Positive Money, I have developed good relationships with the John McDonnell, and his team. We advised on the Bank of England review and fed into the review of the Treasury. I know how to combine on the ground activity with a plan for real legislative change – I can make an impact in Parliament from day one. I have the skills to organise a successful, and inclusive campaign to win Gloucester for Labour.

Building membership – creating activism

I can mobilise Gloucester CLP’s 800-strong membership. At Positive Money I grew our national supporter base from 12,000 to over 66,000 in under 5 years including 30 local groups who organise over 300 events a year. Gloucester is there for the taking, and by campaigning together with old and new members alike, together we can build our party locally and be a key seat in bringing Labour to power in the next election.

A strong voice for Gloucester

I know that the people of Gloucester will find me a powerful voice for their concerns in Westminster. Gloucester faces a range of challenges from housing to business, and Brexit. For example, there are over 4,500 people in Gloucester seeking social housing, a Labour government will build 1 million new homes and as the Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester I will immediately work to ensure projects like Matson and Podsmead Regeneration are prioritising social and affordable housing. I am a strong believer in the role played by trust, relationships, networks, collaboration, and communities in creating change, if I become our Parliamentary candidate I will be reaching out to work with Labour City councillors, residents and communities to help with their concerns.

More of the same old politics is just not good enough for Gloucester anymore, There should be no more old boys networks making decisions or forgetting about communities outside of the city centre. Fran can provide the representation that will make sure that the voices from every Gloucester community are heard and the leadership to help create the opportunities for the whole city to prosper economically, socially and environmentally. That’s a change worth fighting for!

Mark GaleSocial Entrepreneur & local charity CEO

Fran is a local candidate from Gloucestershire but also someone with a track record of making an impact nationally and internationally. Having Fran representing Gloucester would bring excellent representation locally and could contribute to a Labour Government delivering real economic solutions to inequality and climate change.

Alex Sobel MP