Campaign for Ethical Care

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Photograph of older woman with the words "We are the only people they see all day, and not being able to have a decent conversation makes me feel bad for my clients." Save Care Now.

I am supporting Gloucester Labour’s campaign for Gloucestershire County Council to adopt an ethical care charter.¬†This would drive up standards of care by ensuring better training and retention of good quality care staff, who are empowered to give the care our loved ones need.

Social care is in crisis both locally and nationally. Private companies are failing to look after our loved ones to the standard they deserve. The old models of care have led to this social care crisis, and we need a strong community response that prioritises people, not profit.

The next Labour Government will work towards a National Care Service,  invest in new ways of funding care, support ethical commissioning, all with a maximum cap to limit the cost of care to individuals. This new era in care will treat all who care and all who need care with dignity and respect.

Social care has been separated from healthcare for too long, and that must change. We must integrate the services of the NHS, of social care providers, and of our public health bodies for a joined-up approach that sees everyone getting the support they need to live happy, healthy lives.

But even before a Labour government is elected, we can make a start. Gloucestershire can join the dozens of local authorities who have already adopted the Ethical Care Charter. Let’s do this together.

Please sign our petition now.

Photograph of an older persons hands holding a walking stick with the words "I have 15 minutes to take someone to the toilet, wash their hands, prepare a meal and have a conversation. It makes me feel a failure." Save Care Now.

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