At a time when all our lives are affected by Tory policy and cruel, unfair Tory cuts we are lucky to have Fran Boait as a local candidate because she already has experience and influence within Westminster. We need a candidate with compassion, experience, influence and the ability to unite and mobilise the Labour Party in Gloucester. Fran is the person to do this and lead our successful campaign to unseat the Tories in the next General ElectionKatrina Chambers, Moreland

‘I’m backing Fran because she will make sure Labour wins in Gloucester in the next General Election. I’m certain she will make a fantastic MP and bring communities from across Gloucester together.’ Councillor Said Hansdot, Barton and Tredworth

“Really excited that Fran is a candidate for Gloucester. I think the economic argument is the core battle we need to fight to beat the Tories in Gloucester, and with Fran we’ll win that battle head on.” Matt Phypers, Barton and Tredworth, Unite workplace rep

Fran is a local candidate from Gloucestershire but also someone with a track record of making an impact nationally and internationally. Having Fran representing Gloucester would bring excellent representation locally and could contribute to a Labour Government delivering real economic solutions to inequality and climate change’ Alex Sobel MP

‘More of the same old politics is just not good enough for Gloucester anymore, There should be no more old boys networks making decisions or forgetting about communities outside of the city centre.  Fran can provide the representation that will make sure that the voices from every Gloucester community are heard and the leadership to help create the opportunities for the whole city to prosper economically, socially and environmentally. That’s a change worth fighting for!’ Mark Gale, Social Entrepreneur & local charity CEO

In my view, the Labour party has a massive opportunity to take to transform the UK economy away from neoliberalism and towards socialism. Fran would be an asset to Gloucester Labour Party and the next Labour government. She would stand up for the people of Gloucester and I would like to see her as a member of John McDonnell’s economic team in Parliament. I believe she is the candidate to beat our current former banker Tory MP Richard Graham. Mervyn Hyde, Tuffley

Fran is the future of Gloucester CLP. She is strong enough, confident enough, and powerful enough to defeat Richard Graham. She is our hope and to throw away a chance to have such a strong candidate would be a big mistake. She is truly representative of us all as she spends time to listen to the individual. To have someone who can beat Richard Graham, represent us all, and be a powerful force for good in parliament is what Gloucester needs. In the next election it will be a Labour government if we have Fran. Daisy Chambers, Moreland

After reading all the selected candidates resumes it was very hard decision to pick who I would want to be Gloucester’s parliamentary candidate for Labour because they all had various outstanding qualities. My final choice is Fran because I felt she had far greater experience and so Gloucester would be far better off with Fran as our MP. Byron Davis, Community worker, Ward rep for Podsmead

Fran’s commitment to Gloucester is clear; she cares deeply for the city and its people.  I am proud to endorse Fran because I know she will push back against the Tory cuts that have devastated local services.  Working class women, and in particular Women of Colour, have borne the brunt of austerity at both local and national level.  Fran will fight this injustice.  She is the ideal candidate to unite Gloucester CLP and lead us to an overdue election victory against Richard Graham. Josephine Bartosch Kingsholm, Director of Critical sisters

I am extremely impressed by Fran, she is an exceptional candidate who has all the qualities to make an excellent MP for Gloucester. Fran is an outstanding campaigner with a great track record both locally and nationally. Her knowledge of the economy and her work on championing the changes needed to make it work for the many not the few has been exemplary. She has a clearly defined vision for Gloucester and will create a strong campaigning team to ensure our message is taken to every part of the constituency. Fran is an inspiring leader and we would be very lucky to have her as our candidate. I am delighted to be able to endorse her candidature. Kevin Stephens, Councillor – Moreland Ward, Ex Leader of Gloucester City Council, PPC for Gloucester 1992

I’m backing Fran because she will make sure Labour wins in Gloucester in the next General Election and brings our communities together for a better future. Councillor Usman Bhaimia, Barton and Tredworth

It was good to  meet with Fran at Matson Gateway and see  that  she shares a lot of my values  in supporting local  communities and regeneration. Also it is good to  hear that she values  listening and fairness. Liam Kelch, Matson

Fran would make an excellent representative for Gloucester and Labour MP. Her work highlighting inequality caused by the money and banking system has been very valuable. I would look forward to working with her on a range of social issues surrounding finance and inequality. Catherine West MP

Fran Boait would be an absolutely amazing advocate and MP for Gloucester and for labour. A tireless activist and campaigner who has campaigned for a fairer more democratic money system and who is part of the movement for change that is growing behind Corbyn’s labour Manifesto of Hope, Manifesto of Another World is Possible. Get Corbyn Get Fran Boait we need the future Now! Artist Taxi Driver

Fran would be a fantastic representative of the people of Gloucester, and is exactly the sort of Labour MP we need more of in Parliament. Fran is one of the most hardworking, thoughtful, and creative people I know on the left.  Clive Lewis MP
Fran Boait has been a remarkable campaigner on money: radical, creative and passionate. She combines an academic approach with warmth, courage, plus other, ineffable qualities, that make her brilliant at winning allies and creating networks. She would be a great candidate for a new politics. Zoe Williams, Guardian journalist & author