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7 things we learned from John McDonnell’s visit to Gloucester

By 23rd October 2018 One Comment

Last week, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spent the day in Gloucester. He was here to talk about Labour’s plan for ‘a New Economy’. But this wasn’t about dry economics that you find in text books. This was about things that effect our every day lives.  

John McDonnell Gloucestershire

Here are 6 things we learned from the day:  

1) The economy is not working.  

In our country we currently have 4 million children living in poverty and 5000 people sleeping on our streets. In Gloucester, we can see that the economy is not working, with empty shop fronts lining the high streets.  

We are the 6th richest country in the world.  

2) The economy is working for the few, not the many.  

We can’t fund our public services because we have a taxation system which rewards the wealthy and means that the rich are getting richer. Meanwhile Universal Credit is brutally forcing people, particularly disabled people, into absolute poverty. 

3) It does not have to be this way.  

We cannot survive on the income and wealth inequalities we have at the moment.  

The Labour Party has a plan to make the economy work for the many, not the few. It is possible for the prosperity to be shared by everybody.  

 Gloucester Labour

4) The Labour Party has a plan. 

It would introduce a fair taxation system. Making sure that the rich and the corporations pay their taxes and slightly increasing income tax for the top 5% highest earners so that we would be able to fund things like: 

Free childcare 

A National Education Service –education, free from cradle to grave for whenever people need it  

SureStart children’s centres 

Scrapping tuition fees 

Investing in the NHS and ending its privatisation  

A real living wage  

5) I’m more ready than ever to win – and transform our local economy.

I’ve spent years fighting for economic change as Director of Positive Money – an organisation taking on unfair economic and banking policy. Whenever the next general election comes, I’m ready to use my knowledge and campaigning experience to fight for Gloucester.

Fran Boait and John McDonnell

6) There IS a magic money tree.  

It’s in the Cayman Islands and the Labour Party will dig it up and bring it back here.  

7) John McDonnell is (probably) a Gloucester Rugby fan.


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