Fighting for the many in Gloucester

Fran is a “Gloucester girl” through and through. She was born in Gloucester and went to Newent Community School, before moving on to University at Cambridge to study science, where she completed a PhD.

As your Labour MP, Fran would be a strong and passionate voice for the people of Gloucester – standing up for jobs, schools and the NHS, and against police cuts. She saw how our government failed to learn the lessons of the 2008 crash, and turned instead to disastrous austerity policies that have decimated our public services. Overstretched hospitals, rising homelessness, fewer police officers and more people than ever who are struggling to make ends meet. Fran understands that we need a new way of doing things; a way that offers real hope for all of us.

Fran is a Trustee of Tredworth Infants Academy and Gloucestershire Resource Centre.

Fran is Executive Director of Positive Money, a non-profit company campaigning to make our banking and finance systems work for the many. Her experience there gives her the real insight and economic understanding needed to make the right decisions when in Westminster.

Fran is also a Director of Finance Watch, a Senior Fellow at the Finance Innovation Lab, and an Adviser at Avon Mutual Bank. She was recognised as one of the most ‘Inspirational Women in the City’ 2017 by Brummell Magazine. Fran has also worked at various international organisations including the United Nations, Greenpeace, and BP.