No way back for Gloucester Academy?

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VIDEO: Gloucester Academy is failing, but we can’t get back control.

Schools are now so desperate that on Friday head teachers, including some from Gloucestershire, were marching in Westminster to protest against this government who are failing our schools and our children in terms of education.

We now have multi-academy trusts who are privatising our schools, yet they are not run in the interests of students or our communities.

Gloucester Academy became an academy trust in 2010 and it’s now run by the White Horse Federation.  But they aren’t improving the standards of the schools and they’re failing students. This summer, Gloucester Academy was rated inadequate by Ofsted, and it was put into special measures.

Staff and students and the community would like to see it run again by the council, but that isn’t an option currently. We can’t have our schools actually run by local authorities any more. Instead they can only be “re-brokered” to another academy trust.

Mutli-academy trusts are run by CEOs who get paid massive salaries and they don’t improve our schools whatsoever. (The White Horse Federation CEO gets paid around £150,000, the same as the Prime Minister!)

Both Labour and staff and students want to see this school and others able to be brought back into public control so that we can improve standards for our students.

We need to change the mechanism to ensure that that can happen now and so we don’t put our students at risk any longer.

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