Richard Graham fails to deliver on Post Office promise

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I am fighting to keep Gloucester’s King Square Crown Post Office open.

In 2010 Gloucester’s MP Richard Graham vowed to do the same, and to fight against Post Office Closures.

I did not take up the position to sit and watch another programme of 5,000 post office closures be passed. I have always believed that the best way forward is through a combination of much greater investment in Royal Mail, which handles the sorting, delivery and collection, and greater commercial freedom for post offices, which are independent small businesses; they are franchises and they need to be able to channel more services to our communities over their counters.’ (Richard Graham, House of Commons, 27th October 2010)

But since then, he has voted consistently in favour of post office privatisation and now, in 2018,  Richard Graham is allowing our Crown Post Office in Kings Square to close.

Has he kept his promises? No. Either he never believed in this or he just isn’t standing up for what he believes in.

Gloucester deserves an MP who will stand up for what they believe in.

Labour will end the closure of Crown Post Office branches, which play a major role in serving their communities. We will also set up a commission to establish a Post Bank, owned by the Post Office and providing a full range of banking services in every community.


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